Hey there Outreachers!

If you're looking to find generic emails, phone numbers and social media handles of a business with only their website URL or domain names, then you're in right place.

This will help you especially if you're looking to extract contact information in bulk.

On a lighter note, this will only get you publically available phone numbers, social media handle's link found on websites and generic emails like contact@domain.com, sales@domain.com etc., 

If you're after highly specific contact information of key decision-makers such as their emails, then check out my other writing — How to find B2B email contacts of key decision-makers

Now, let's get started!

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Navigate to "Data Extractor" in the sidebar

Data extractor products help you find data present on websites.

For this post, we'll look at "Find emails on websites" under the Data Extractor category.

To find emails from websites in bulk:

  • Name your list — marked as '2' in the image above
  • Paste the website's domain or URL's you want to extract data from
  • Paste only one domain or URL per line
  • You can paste up to 10,000 domain per search (previously it was 1,000 but we later increased the limit with feedback from many sales reps)
  • After pasting the domain or websites URL's hit "Upload"
  • Sit back and relax. This query will run on our cloud so feel free to check back later if you some other work now.

Once the query is completed it will be marked as Finished. 

Download results in different formats or transfer lead data to campaigns
Download results in different formats or transfer lead data to campaigns

Now, you can either download it in .csv .xls and .xlsx formats. 

Or you can also transfer the lead's contact information directly to your campaigns by selecting your campaign from the dropdown and clicking Start the transfer.

If you downloaded your report, then the output of your results might look like this:

Emails and phone numbers redacted for privacy
Emails and phone numbers redacted for privacy

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