Hey there Outreachers!

If your business relies on new businesses i.e. the businesses that are getting started today, you need a way to find and reach them.

That's hard. 

These businesses most of the time don't have an online presence such as marketplace listing, social media, and not even a website. 

Till today, if they're out of your network then they're out of reach.

But not anymore!

New businesses start with a domain. A domain helps them reserve their online presence, think of it the same way a physical location works for offline businesses.

With Hatrio Sales you can reach out to them by extracting a list of new domains that are registered today. This list will come with their contact information, waiting for you to transfer the data to our CRM and start reaching out.

Let's get started!

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Navigate to "Website Analyze" in the sidebar

Website Analyze allows you to find and extract contact information from domains in bulk.

For this post, we'll look at "Download newly registered domain" under the Website Analyze category.

  • Before extracting data you can see the potential number of leads' present. For example, highlight number '2' shows the potential leads from the latest domain registry data
  • Marked as '3' in the image above, you can download the latest information in 1-click for further processing
  • Marked as '4' in the image above, you'll be shown the rows/data points that'll be extracted for you. These data includes domain names, emails, phone numbers, address and other available data
  • Lastly, you can download older data from our archive below. We'll store older domain data for long periods of time as marked in ''5' on the image above

Hint: If your business relies on leads who are usually up for business after 2 - 3 months since registering a domain, then use our archive to extract their data and set up an outreach campaign with them.

To extract lead information from today's registered domain (aka fresh leads), signup and start using Hatrio Sales —> app.sales.hatrio.com/register?invite-code-3882