Hi there Outreachers!

Local is hard. And there you are... 

Thinking you should reach out and help them with your product. The problem is you're not able to find them, not unless you're going to scout the streets to find these local businesses.

I wouldn't suggest that and that's not scalable either.

You need a scalable way where you can quickly qualify the leads while prospecting based on your sales criteria.

With Hatrio Sales, you can do that and more. Here are the steps.

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Navigate to "Find local businesses" under Enrichment

Enrichment is where most of your prospecting takes place. You'll find every tool you need to find both B2B and B2C contacts, globally and locally.

For this post, we'll look at "Find local business" under the Enrichment category.


  • Select the type/nature of business you want contact information of (painters, plumbers, movers, etc) — marked as '2' in the image above
  • Enter the demographic data such as country, region and city you're looking for
  • You can sort your results based on relevance, their online ratings and dates they were last active at
  • Hit "Search" — marked as '4' in the image above

The search will run for some time and will show you the results. 

If you didn't get any results after some time, try expanding your search or enter proper keywords in the search field (step '1').

After the search has been completed, you'll see the list of businesses you found. You still need to save these leads to a list to unlock their contact information such as email and phone numbers. 

Saving to lists

The lists it saves to are pre-defined. It can be changed using the dropdown menu.

If you don't have a list then it'll save in a default list automatically. You can create a list directly by clicking View my lists / create new list on your search results page.

You can also create a list by visiting here and then clicking create new list. 

Hint: Create separate lists and save new leads to them when you're prospecting for different campaigns. This way you'll organize your campaigns and manage them effectively.

To save leads you can:

  1. Launch automation to save all your generated leads in a dedicated list
  2. Browse, qualify and save each matching lead individually

Launching an automation

When you launch an automation, every lead from the search result will be saved to your selected list. You can start or stop this automation anytime.

Saving each lead individually

Sometimes you may only be interested in certain leads. 

For example, you may want to select only leads rated 5 stars and help them or vice versa, you may want to work with leads rated 2 stars and help them improve their reputation.

To achieve this selective saving of leads, carefully browse through the list and select the lead you're interested in working with and hit Save. This will save only the individual lead to your list.

Save button will save each lead individually
Save button will save each lead individually


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