Intro to outreach marketing

Outreach marketing is an effective way of sending emails (i.e. outbound) to establish business relationships with your prospective customer base.

Launching and managing successful outreach marketing campaigns are an integral part of online businesses. You can also call them as cold email marketing.

Cold emails work only if you understand the needs of the person receiving them and address them. Cold emails are sometimes tricky in a way that they won't work or even affect your business if not done right. 

But... you shouldn't be worried, we're here to help you.

Softwares like Hatrio Sales will help you run successful results-driven outreach campaigns. Not only that, it also helps you to find new business leads, enrich and qualify them, track engagement in our in-built CRM, close deals and more.

Why you should use Hatrio Sales over others?

Existing solutions are broken

For almost every step in your workflow, you need to use a different product open in different browser tabs. It's easy to lose valuable lead information this way. Don't let your leads leak — Hatrio Sales combines every sales solution under a unified platform. No more lead data leaks and no more juggling between tabs.

One subscription for all of your sales

It can be frustrating when you complete your meal but then have to walk 2 kilometers to get to eat the dessert. A.K.A the current scenario in sales software. One does email verification, one finds emails but costs per email found, one does CRM with lead scoring, and one does not support adding team members. This isn't a workflow, this is a bunch of apps with a bunch of subscriptions. Of course, they're great products but your workflow needs to be more streamlined than that.

We help you streamline your sales workflow, all under one roof — the one subscription that powers your entire sales processes. From finding leads to verifying them to adding them in drip campaigns — close the deal successfully and beyond.

Don't pay-per-lead

Growth shouldn't hurt your business. We believe in your growth and therefore we don't charge you based on credits. You only pay a flat monthly fee on all our plans. The highest you could pay us is $99, and it includes unlimited leads, email verifies, contacts, email sends... We simply wish you growth when using our product.

Don't pay-per-user

When some products have great pricing with unlimited features, it seems great. And then when you look at their team pricing they charge you per team member. We don't think that's okay. You should pay for using a product not when your team is growing. Therefore we didn't adapt per-team-member billing, you only pay a flat monthly fee of $99 for unlimited team members.

Signup if you haven't already

Getting started with Hatrio Sales is easy.

You can get started right now in one step. All you have to do is signup and that only takes a minute, no credit card or billing required 👉 Signup now.

Once you're inside the dashboard, you'll find every product you need to upgrade your sales workflow in our suite. Here's a little preview...

Dashboard view
Dashboard view

Watch our platform demo

From finding emails to drip setup overview and lead scoring on CRM to better manage your outreach marketing workflow in a fully unified platform. We have covered the essentials to get you started down

Next steps

Since you discovered our whole suite now, you might be wondering what your next steps should be. But to be frank, our next steps depend on what your goals are.

Find B2B contacts

If your goal is to find B2B contacts and company records, check out "Find B2B contacts" under Enrichment Home. It helps you enrich your prospects' data based on their title, business site domain and the number of contacts you're trying to reach.

Find local businesses

If your goal is to find local business contacts then we recommend our local business module. Your search criteria can be hyper-focused, you can find businesses based on their country, region, their business nature (dentist, painter, plumber..), and even their activity online.

Automate social media

Check out our social media automation tools under Prospecting to master your professional social media presence. Automate every aspect to enhance your social presence — from auto connects to auto message to establish your relationship with your contacts.

Data extraction

You can find and extract phone numbers, social media handles and emails from any website using our Data Extractor. It's powerful and comes in handy when you're dealing with bulk data. In fact, all our products help you deal with data in bulk.

Then comes our campaign engine. Modern in every word, it helps you manage every nook and corner of your drip and sales cadence sequences, all in one place. From CRM with a fully featured lead scoring to complex senders and list management, we're got you covered with your outreach campaigns.

Beyond the core

While the features mentioned above are part of our core module, we go beyond that. You can access newly registered domain data (updated daily), widgets including social proof and chatbots, and dedicated email discovery engines and verification systems.

We can understand that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Seeing all these features you might be lost sometimes but that's okay. That's why we're here to help — we'll help.

This knowledge base is continuously updated with new resources, guides and educational materials to help anyone, experts and starters alike, conduct better outreach campaigns.

Paying customers will have access to our Product Support group and full access to our chat support. Reach us anytime.

Paying customers can access chat support anytime from dashboard
Paying customers can access chat support anytime from dashboard


Now let's make killer campaigns.

P.s. feel free to drop any question you have in the comments below