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Dinakar replied 10 months ago
Founder of Hatrio

How to Find Local B2C Businesses in Your Area and Find Their Emails or Phone Numbers?

Hi there Outreachers!

Local is hard. And there you are...

Thinking you should reach out and help them with your product. The problem is you're not able to find them, not unless you're going to scout the streets to find these local businesses.

I wouldn't suggest that and that's not scalable either.

You need a scalable way where you can quickly qualify the leads while prospecting based on your sales criteria.

With Hatrio Sales, you can do that and more. Here are the steps.

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Getting started with Hatrio Sales is easy.

You can get started... (More)

Dinakar liked a reply a year ago
Founder of Hatrio

How to get started with Hatrio Sales?

Intro to outreach marketing

Outreach marketing is an effective way of sending emails (i.e. outbound) to establish business relationships with your prospective customer base.

Launching and managing successful outreach marketing campaigns are an integral part of online businesses. You can also call them as cold email marketing.

Cold emails work only if you understand the needs of the person receiving them and address them. Cold emails are sometimes tricky in a way that they won't work or even affect your business if not done right.

But... you shouldn't be worried, we're here to help you.

Softwares like Hatrio Sales will... (More)

Nancy liked a year ago
Founder of Hatrio

Find Business Leads (Emails, Phone Numbers, Social Media Handles...) in Bulk With Only Their Websites and Domain Names

Hey there Outreachers!

If you're looking to find generic emails, phone numbers and social media handles of a business with only their website URL or domain names, then you're in right place.

This will help you especially if you're looking to extract contact information in bulk.

On a lighter note, this will only get you publically available phone numbers, social media handle's link found on websites and generic emails like, etc.,

If you're after highly specific contact information of key decision-makers such as their emails, then check out my other writing — How to find B2B email contacts... (More)

Samuel liked a year ago
Founder of Hatrio

How to Setup a Powerful Chatbot on Your Website to Capture Lead Data Automatically?

Hey Outreachers!

If you've been managing outreach campaigns for a while then you might know it goes way beyond emails.

Emails help us communicate but our websites help us convert prospects for the most part.

The best thing about a website is it doesn't need much input from us.

You just have to set it up once and then it'll welcome visitors from your social media, blogs, organic referrals etc.,

The problem is there might be new visitors who are not already there in your pipeline.

These new visitors are interested in your product but they may leave your site... (More)